Every New Year, most people always try to make a resolution. It serves as an opportunity to change for the better and start something to improve their lifestyle. Keeping it, however, is a different story.

Whether you are one who makes or breaks resolutions easily or tries to better your life year after year, you always need help to keep you motivated. And to remain committed, what else could be of better help than the devices that we use in our daily lives? Here are the best mobile apps to help you keep on track with the goals you have set for yourself this 2018.

1. Scribd

If you plan to be read more and learn more this year, download Scribd. This is one of the most popular apps for accessing magazines, eBooks, graphic novels, and even audiobooks on the go. This app provides personalized recommendations, but you can also browse by topic or explore what’s currently trending. This also enables you to have access to some of the most popular publications, including Bloomberg, Time Magazine, People Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and Money Magazine.

Scribd is available for IOS and Android.

2. Goodbudget

Manage your money well and keep track of all your expenses with Goodbudget. This app allows you to create a budget and control your expenditures. Also, you can download your record as a .csv file to work on it on MS Excel or sync a budget across multiple devices and the web.

Goodbudget is available for IOS and Android.

3. My Fitness Pal

Commit to living a healthier lifestyle with an app that would keep track of your health wherever you go. My Fitness Pal keeps track of your calories and can scan items you are about to buy to get an additional nutritional information. It works with a huge database of above five million food and has a companion Apple Watch app and is compatible with most of the top fitness apps like Apple Health, Runtastic and Starva.

My Fitness Pal is available for IOS and Android.

4. Habitbull

Start making better habits and bid goodbye to the bad ol’ ones. Habitbull is the best app to help you overcome everything you want to leave behind such as unpleasant mannerisms, smoking, and drinking. This enables you to log and check in daily to monitor your improvement. Plus, you can also log things like “number of drinks” and “workout length” to monitor your progress over time.

Habitbull is available for IOS and Android.

5. Headspace

If your resolution is to improve your focus, this meditation app could be the just perfect solution. Headspace will take you through the basics of meditation and track your progress and get rewards after using it. This also has a buddy system so you and your friend can take the sessions together.

Headspace is available for IOS and Android.

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