All fries fans are in for a treat because the New York Fries & Dips (NYFD) store has transformed its look and taste into a whole new level!

Last January 25, in a relaunching event of NYFD in Fishermall, Chief Executive Officer of Fredley Group of Companies, Avin Ong, expressed his enthusiasm in presenting the brand’s new identity and product improvements.

Avin Ong [IMAGE/Facebook/Ong.Avin]

“Basically, we’re letting more people know about the brand experience, which is the number one reason behind our rebranding,” expressed Ong.

To commemorate the upgrade of the label, not only did they showcase their new logo and product dips through a live demonstration of how the dips were made, but also introduced their new mascot: Fred!

They plan to roll out a hundred branches within the year considering the new system and culture of a more customer-oriented service. They claim that with the extensive years in the food service industry, they would be capable of expanding the management.

Ong shared that, “Innovation is also part of our rebranding efforts. We are committed to launching different and timely products, so we could always give our customers something to look forward to from time to time.”

However, it doesn’t stop there! This American-themed store will be open for franchising, “through NYFD, we will be able to help more aspiring entrepreneurs to start their very first business with us,” Ong added.

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