A bountiful Chinese feast

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From great to little life moments, any celebration is truly all about taking the time to take in the blessings in your life. For all your hard work and perseverance, you deserve nothing but the best.

Celebrate and savor a great moment with a memorable meal with the people who matter most. Let Diamond Hotel Philippines assist in marking your milestones.  Chinese Sous Chef Yang Yong shares his masterpieces with a Chinese lauriat at Corniche.

For food lovers, don’t miss the culinary treasures of China with their must-try dishes:

Triple Cooked Crab Beehon

This dish is perfect for seafood lovers. The huge and plump crabs emanate fresh flavors once they reach your taste buds. Alongside this, the beehon has a soft, melts-in-your-mouth texture that is simply umami. The infusion of both main ingredients with the subtle presence of the sauce creates an embodiment of infused savory taste.

Steamed Live Lapu-Lapu with Black Bean Sauce

The moist, tender meat of the fish is permeated with a fresh clean zest, which goes well together with the saltiness and sweetness of the sauce, complete with the aroma created by the black beans, ginger, and garlic. It gives a nostalgic feel that would easily remind you of home cooking.


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