“This loyal alumnus of the University of the Philippines has, in his lifetime, received citations and tributes extolling his distinguished career spanning 65 years…As a citizen who believes we can ourselves be the heroes we are all searching for, to be so, we do not have to do or die but simply make government our business instead of leaving this to others. As a lawyer, diligent, brilliant, par excellence, a role model to those who decided to make the profession of law their lifetime calling, an advocate of human rights. As constitutional scholar, for whom the freedom of speech carries within the burden of speaking in support of what we believe in as much as against what we believe to be error. As a jurist whose language is precise, his style elegant, his logic sharp, with abiding concern for the weak and the disadvantaged, to whom fairness, justice must have a human face. As a teacher, his standard of scholarship inspired, inspiring and incisive. 37 years of romance, teaching at the UP College of Law, mentoring still the students that have since become the teachers he has guided them to become. Son, loving husband to Thelma, proud father of Roger, Vicente Jr. and Joy Lim, whose personal life epitomizes the same passion for truth and all that is good, moral and just.”

This was the message of the University of the Philippines College of Law Board of Regents, when it conferred on The Honorable Vicente V. Mendoza its highest rank and honor, the degree of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa. Hon. Vicente V. Mendoza is a retired Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, author of several law books and articles in law journals. He earned a Master of Laws degree by Yale Law School in 1971. Justice Mendoza was the Guest Speaker of the Graduating Class of 2019.

Associate Justice Vicente C. Mendoza and Asian Dragon magazine publisher Olivia Limpe-Aw

Asian Dragon magazine Chairman of the Board Benny Aw, Olivia Limpe-Aw, Assoc. Justice Vicente Mendoza, and wife Thelma Mendoza

Justice Adolfo Azcuna, UP Diliman Chancellor Michael Tan, and UP President Danilo Concepcion

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