It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, when streets and houses are adorned with lights and people are a bit more giving. The beauty of Christmas is that everyone is able to appreciate their loved ones and the blessings they received throughout the year despite the current pandemic. With the spirit of generosity in the air, everyone is encouraged to share or exchange tokens and symbols of gratitude.

Finding the perfect gift for the family could be a bit tricky, considering their different interests, most especially for kids of different ages.

Not to worry, though, as Asian Dragon has collated perfect gift suggestions that will surely win over each family member on one’s list.

For the ‘man of the house’

Clever Spaces shoe disinfecting mat; Grand Seiko SBGW264 (Caliber 9S64) from the Elegance Collection; honeycomb robe by Rustan’s Home

Dads protect the family and provide the shelter that we can call home. With the ongoing pandemic, ensuring a virus-free space is a must, and can now be made possible with the Clever Spaces shoe disinfecting mat (P2,500). Designed with two sides for disinfecting and drying, this gift can put fathers’ minds at ease.

Gift him also with a timepiece that symbolizes the legacy that he can inspire through generations, the Grand Seiko’s SBGW264 (Caliber 9S64) (P1,272,000) from the Elegance Collection, with an 18k rose gold case and an intricate yet sharp dial pattern that only very precise machine engraving can achieve. This is the epitome of new beginnings—focusing on the highest possible levels of precision, legibility, durability, and ease of use.

For the husband who loves to sit back and relax, the honeycomb robe by Rustan’s Home (P1,850) is cozy loungewear that is an essential item in the closet.

For the model of love

Steve Madden’s manicure set; Charriol Celtic Legacy 30 MOP; Oster Ball Blender

Ladies definitely love being at their best. For your mom or wife, choose Steve Madden’s manicure set (P1,450), which includes all the basic tools for keeping nails neat.

For the Charriol woman, the Celtic Legacy (P70,136.27) presents a slender silhouette—its mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with 11 diamond indexes like a soft pastel partition. The subtle beauty of steel Roman numerals set on a pearly white dial is decidedly pleasing.

Mothers are often the ones who worry about everyone’s well-being. For the health-conscious loved one, the Oster Ball Blender (P2,950) is a convenient way to make a fruit shake. It includes two mason jars that can be attached and detached from the blender.

For the fierce protector

Bose noise-canceling headphones 700 UC; Patterson backpack by Under Armour

For your hardworking or gamer brother, pick the new Bose noise-canceling headphones 700 UC (P25,500). At work, these help remote workers and cubicle callers feel more engaged and collaborate with confidence. Easily toggle between conversation, video calls, or music, and use its adaptive eight-microphone propriety system with four microphones that actively isolate the user’s voice to identify and reject the noise.

For boy besties, the Patterson backpack by Under Armour (P1,395) is a durable and water-resistant backpack with a built-in laptop sleeve and a side water bottle pocket for everyday use.

For the emotional rock

LeSportsac’s Volar 3-Zip cosmetic bag and rectangular cosmetic case in Summer Sweets; Spartina notebook

LeSportsac has two stylish and functional pouches that are suitable for everyday use. This is perfect for the sister who can either use the Volar 3-Zip Cosmetic Bag (P995), which features two built-in front pockets with zippers and a main pouch for storage, perfect as a mini organizer or wallet, or the rectangular cosmetic case in Summer Sweets (P995). This easy-to-clean bag with versatile fabric makes it the perfect washable pouch to use by itself, or to fit into an errand bag.

A seamless addition to the young-at-heart’s workspace, the Spartina notebook (P395) brings out good vibes. Professionals and students alike may scribble and doodle on the funky notebook.

For the future of the family

ClevaFoam baby pillow by ClevaMama; Locbloc wagon by Batat

A perfect gift for newborns is the hypoallergenic ClevaFoam baby pillow by ClevaMama (P1,450) that provides superior support to prevent a flat head and ensure a restful sleep.

For kids, toys that aid in development go a long way. The Locbloc Wagon by Batat (P1,599.75) includes a colorful wagon and 54 building blocks for imaginative play. As for older kids, LEGO’s “The Panda Nursery” (P1,999.75) features one of the cutest mobs in Minecraft that includes a mom and a baby panda in their panda nursery.

For the second teachers in life

Fruit Garden gift box set; floating feather scarf from Echo Designs

There are so many gifts to choose from for the supportive and thriving titas. Pick a luscious Fruit Garden Gift Box Set (P895) that comes with three assorted fruit jams in 120 grams hexagonal jars. One can choose from the five delectable flavors that best remind you of her.

Another gift idea could be a scarf from Echo Design (P1,650) to add a luxurious touch to any outfit. Pick one up for that artsy or sophisticated tita.

For the positive mentor

Bailey Medalist ballpoint pen by Cross; Liquor Express Christmas Package A

A gift for uncles and dapper friends, the Bailey Medalist ballpoint pen by Cross (P1,500) features a multi-grooved chrome center ring with patterned engravings and a modern clip for a captivating style.

Now, for a gift basket he will surely enjoy, give the Liquor Express Christmas Package A (P4,750) which contains Manille Liqueur de Calamansi 750ml with tin, Very Old Captain Regular 750ml, Antonio Pueo Chocolate, Sulu Mangosteen Jam, Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream, Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix, Rondolleti Café Style Cream Wafers, Dak Chopped Ham, Mauna Loa chocolates, Oreo Selection, Lotte Mandarin Orange, and Trufettes de France.

For the life guide

Glass teapot by WELUP; Luftonic LC 8 Series plasma air purifier

It is important to guard one’s health, especially when you’re of grandfather age, with  quality drinks and a clean environment.

The glass teapot by WELUP (P325) is a treat for loose leaf drinkers because it allows them to steep the tea to their preferred taste and intensity.

The Luftonic LC 8 Series Plasma Air Purifier (P50,000) captures and kills 99.99 percent of ultrafine particles and harmful viruses, so air can be the best it can be. This includes effectively killing and neutralizing the Coronavirus strain.

For the nurturer of future generations

Aromabotanical diffuser; Pear & Ginger Fragrant Disc by Aromabotanical

Gift the grandmother with the scent that best describes her, by filling the room with a warm scent of creamy vanilla using the Aromabotanical Diffuser (P750). The fragrance is packed with essential oils and pure extracts, guaranteeing a luxurious ambiance.

Another find is the Pear & Ginger Fragrant Disc by Aromabotanical (P330), which emits a divine fragrance for wardrobes, drawers, and linen cupboards, keeping all kinds of fabrics fresh 24/7.

Where to buy

Bose noise-canceling headphones 700 UC 1803 East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Rd. Ortigas, Pasig City; pro.bose.com or brand.versatech.com.ph.
Charriol Available in leading malls nationwide; www.trunc.ph, www.rustans.com and www.zalora.com
Grand Seiko Available at Glorietta 1, SM Aura Premier, and SM Seaside Cebu; www.grand-seiko.com
Liquor Express available at www.liquorexpress.ph
Luftonic LC 8 Series plasma air purifier Available at Wilcon Depot and MC Home Depot nationwide; www.luftonic.com.
Rustan’s products Offering their Personal Shopper On-Call program for shop-from-home convenience now accessible through one universal number, (0917) 111-1952.

*Prices may vary according to models or stores.

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