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From modern living to modern thriving

It’s rush, rush, rush from the moment you get up. The alarm clock wakes you with a start. Eyes barely open, you’re already on your...

The fine art of curation

On opening night, the paintings came alive. Like extensions of the acrylic figures, dancers descended upon the gallery’s makeshift stage. Through motion, they drew...

Off-center, on-trend

Many think that designer Ivarluski “Ivar” Aseron’s gift lies in his hands. When one is able to bend and break fabric like he does,...

The business of reopening

THE world is scrambling for roadmaps into the uncharted territory of COVID-19. We can only live in suspended animation for so long. As the wheels of industry and enterprise start turning again, nobody knows where True North is anymore. Where can we turn to for GPS assistance?

A sustainable way forward

“This, too, shall pass.” That’s the sliver of hope that keeps us all going right now. However uncomfortable, however difficult, this lockdown and crazy pandemic are only temporary. One day, we’ll wake up from this nightmare, and everything will be back to normal.

Painful lessons

There’s nothing like a crisis to expose the fragilities of a system. As a country, we’ve had an unfair share of preventable sub-crises along with the actual COVID-19 pandemic: missed chances, unnecessary economic losses, and lives wasted.

Moral dilemmas at the Coronavirus crossroads

On a global, national, and individual scale, ethical issues are being debated on, and the winning ideologies play out with massive implications. While none...

The aftermath

It doesn’t seem like it, but one day, this will all be over. The novel coronavirus, which took the world hostage for months, will relinquish...

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