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Back of the Book

The many uses of Chinese newspapers (aside from delivering news)

It all started during a medical-surgical mission sponsored...

By Gwen So


The problem with capitalism

Illustration by Dessa Reyes The Philippines has had a...

By Rafael A.S.G. Ongpin


President Duterte’s ideal first lady is…

Even back when President Duterte was still contemplating...

By Lifestyle Asiandragon Magazine

Fashion and Beauty

From tequila to tresses: Why Agave is the best thing for your hair

The blue agave plant What do people do when they’re...

By Francesca de la Cruz

On your Mark

Being Really Versatile: 2017 Honda BR-V

Honda seems to be on a mission to complete the alphabet in...

By Mark Cabilangan


This Chinese cuisine favorite might be the answer to cancer!

Lung Hin’s Braised South African Dried Abalone with Supreme...

By Jay R. Rempis


A taste of Philippine liquor history: Destileria Limtuaco Museum opens in Intramuros

Destileria Limtuaco Museum is a two-storey ‘bahay na bato’...

By Francesca de la Cruz


10 places to visit for grand Christmas décor and food

Many Filipinos consider the Christmas season as the most...

By Jay R. Rempis

Fashion and Beauty

Ben Chan’s 5 Top Entrepreneurial Skills

Take it from one of the country’s most successful...

By Marge Enriquez

Fashion and Beauty

Get Dolled Up

Live in a Barbie world and transform into the world’s most...

By Jay R. Rempis