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Back of the Book

‘You how go there?’

I use “broken” English to teach Mandarin. Your name is...

By Gwen So


Overcoming my cell phone addiction

I must confess: I had become a cell phone junkie, just...

By Olivia Limpe-Aw


Pampanga’s storied sweets

Atching Lillian Borromeo; San Nicolas cookies Panecillos de...

By Dolly Dy-Zulueta


Honoring Dads in style

Celebrating Father’s day amid a pandemic is not exactly...

By Alleia Vicera


Quezon City: Investing in the city of the future

Mention the name “Quezon City,” and various images...

By Arrian Guevarra


ASEAN 2017 gala dinner: Heads of State and Guests

Heads of state and world leaders arrive at the SMX...

By Francesca de la Cruz


Where to hang out in Ortigas this payday Friday

Good food, drinks, music, and a cozy ambiance make up a...

By Francesca de la Cruz and Jay R. Rempis


Treat him like a king!

Show Dad how much he means to you by celebrating Father’s...

By Jay R. Rempis


QLED TV wins Best Picture: The next innovation and future of television

The Next Innovation in TV, the Samsung QLED TV (Photographs...

By Arrian Guevarra